Artist Statement

Emily Wallerstein’s oil paintings depict beauty in the unexpected.  Her work focuses on the juxtaposition of industry versus nature, where the light meets the darkness, and textures contrast smooth gradations. Each painting symbolizes the balance of life, chaos, and peace, while representing the beautiful blur of life - perfect from a distance, but messy and imperfect up close. 

Emily uses painting as a creative outlet to channel emotions. Often the way a color is blended or the application of the paint, either by brush, palette knife, or fingers, emulates the emotion and  feeling she wants to express into the painting, purposefully or not.

Her paintings have specific yet differentiating objectives per series but commonly focus on exaggerating the beauty of something seemingly ugly, harsh, or mundane.

Emily received a Bachelor ofScience in Design degree at the University of Cincinnati and is currently an exhibiting artist living in Los Angeles, CA.



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